Peach Rose with Green Byzantine accent

  • $20.00

Transport yourself to a serene rose garden with these charming Peach Rose earrings. Imagine the soft fragrance of roses in full bloom, captured in each intricately crafted earring. The peach roses, paired with a hint of green Byzantine charm, gracefully dangle from surgical steel earwires, creating an enchanting narrative that seamlessly blends nature and style.

Material Harmony: Bright aluminum and anodized aluminum rings not only contribute to the earrings' ethereal beauty but also ensure longevity and a carefree wear.

Casual Romance: Perfect for everyday wear, these earrings effortlessly elevate your casual style. Whether it's a coffee date or a weekend getaway, these earrings add a touch of romantic elegance.

Versatile Vibes: Pair them with your favorite floral dress or jeans and a tee - these earrings adapt to any occasion, adding a touch of nature-inspired chic to your outfit.