Events and Announcements


The website is under construction! I am working on redoing quite a bit of a website. After much consideration, I have decided to spend more time focusing on small collections. I plan to start launching seasonally themed collections to start, and I may have a few small collections with various themes (similar to the Ocean collection). This means that I will not be doing various pieces and everything will be a part of a collection. You may also see random collection pieces throughout the year on social media or on the blog (yes, a blog is coming soon!) because I don't work one collection at a time. I like to switch things up as I'm working. 

A new collection is also coming soon! This collection will be a collaboration between myself and a good friend. As of right now, I have not decided if this will be a small collection or an ongoing collection. An ongoing collection would be one that I add new pieces to every so often, similar to the Essential collection that features pieces that compliment the bead maille pieces. Stay tuned for more information over the next few months on the collaboration collection! 

As mentioned above in the first paragraph, a blog is coming soon! I plan to write about:

  • Things we doing currently - travels, exploring our area, etc
  • Behind the scenes in the studio - works in progress, creation process, etc
  • Riy's Pick of the Month - this will be a featured piece that she picks
  • Possibly style tips and tricks - would have a outfit ideas, cleaning tips, etc
  • Guides - shopping, jewelry types, etc


As of this moment, I am unsure if we will be doing in-person events anymore. Even though I love doing these types of events, I'm unsure if we will have the time to commit to doing them. 

I do plan to do launch parties when I release new collections, and I may do an online Christmas Party later this year. I would love do a Christmas Open House in-person, but unless I can find a location (our home is not an option) that idea will be put to the side for another year.