The fresh smell of the forest after a spring shower awakens the senses to the sweet scent of flowers. A warm evening breeze at the end of a long, hot summer day as you relax by the river. The crisp autumn air while sitting by the fire, watching the setting sun over the trees bursting with warm yellows, fiery reds, and burnt oranges. Memories of a winter stroll in the forest while snowflakes lazily drift downward as you walk past a babbling brook, partially frozen over, daydreaming about a nice cup of hot chocolate as you head home.

These are some of my cherished memories of growing up in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania. Allow me to take you on a journey of memories sure to spark your imagination and help you create your own memories with nature-inspired pieces.

I began making jewelry with my husband, Dave, in 2008. In early 2017, Dave decided to step back from creating jewelry, and I took over all the designing and making while he continued to help in other areas. After realizing that my design style had drastically evolved by becoming more inspired by nature, I decided to rebrand. My designs are drawn from memories of time spent in the mountains with my grandfather and traveling with Dave.

While the bead maille jewelry designs are linked to my memories, I hope my creations inspire you to create your own memories and rekindle the Spark of Nature.