Wisteria Whispers Earrings - Cascading Acrylic Petals

  • $16.00

Complement the poetry of your ensemble with our Wisteria Whispers Earrings, designed to harmonize with the enchanting narrative of the Wisteria Breeze Necklace. These earrings capture the essence of wisteria's ethereal beauty, featuring delicate cascading acrylic petals that dance with the wind, suspended elegantly from surgical steel earwires.

Material Poetry: Let the earrings be a poetic extension of the necklace, with cascading acrylic petals mirroring the delicate fall of nature's confetti, creating a visual poem of timeless grace.

Versatile Harmony: Whether you're attending a garden party or a sophisticated soirée, these earrings seamlessly adapt to any occasion, offering versatile charm that mirrors the elegance of wisteria in every setting.


Pair with Whispers of Wisteria Necklace - A Symphony of Falling Petals and Bright Aluminum Elegance